I made Straight Cash Homey!


Not nearly as cool as ozziecanseco’s Utley question, but cool none the less. Check out the Pratt jersey…opening day find!

Opening Week Observations – with a Happy Ending!

Teams that were supposed to be bad but are .500 or above: Orioles, Devil Rays, White Sox, Royals, Rangers, Marlins, Cardinals, Reds.
Teams that were supposed to be good but are below .500: Red Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Phillies, Mets, Rockies.
The only team performing where they should be is the Giants. There is no saving them. Aaron Rowand is not the answer, great CF, but CBP-inflated numbers in a contract year is a sure-fire way to become overpaid. Now all he can do is watch Barry Zito soft-toss BP to the opposing team.
Good thing the season isn’t over…oh, and all teams have only played two series.

In reference to the Tigers 0-6 start, a hard-thinking brain at Detroit News has come up with this…vaguishness.

The other day I was watching a game…of some teams who play baseball…and the only thing I remember is this interaction between Joe Morgan and…some other guy, probably Jon Miller, as they hypothesized (or decreed) who would win…all of it.

JM: I’m gonna have to pick Boston.
JM: Well, you can’t go wrong with that.
Me: Shut up, Joe Morgan.
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Opening Day Notes from Moonlight Graham

So first, Costesflamingbat is a standup guy just for rolling out of bed so early for tickets. Without him, I would have been sitting in my office, doubly miserable when Gordon blew the lead. Instead I got to share in an exciting 8 innings of Major League Baseball with Costes and Hackdaddy.

So thoughts on opening day? SEPTA came through with a connecting Phillies Express from suburban. The electricity in the air reminded me of the last days of September of 2007. When Jimmy hit his lead-off double to start off the Phillies offense, the chants of “MVP! MVP!” almost brought me to tears. Baseball is back.
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Opening Day 2008

Alright…so where to begin?

Opening day officially started for me at 7:41AM, when I rolled out of bed to make the journey to South Philly. I found out last week that the Phillies were releasing an extra 500 standing room only tickets at 9am Monday morning, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t one of those 500. So I play it safe, and get to the stadium at 8:20—except there’s already a massive line. The line was kind of fun; all jovial hopeful Phillies fans just hoping to get into opening day. We all agreed if we didn’t get tickets we were going to riot. Thank god I left my house early because I got tickets by the skin of my teeth. As long as I was going to Opening Day, I didn’t give a flying crap.
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