This is All Swings Considered…

We are a small handful of decreasingly recent college grads who believe our expert opinions should be available to the populace… for FREE!

We are:

Starting Line-up:

Joe [aka: moonlightgraham]: Joe is a current Philadelphian but a native of the Pine Barrens. He’s an avid Phillies’ fan and is used to expressing his disappointment inappropriately. He is published online in non-baseball related things; check out the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation website for his Birthright Israel Journals. In college, Joe roomed with Mike, and their Mets-Phillies rivalry resulted in bitter Septembers where their hatred for each other was usually channeled towards the Yankees and Red Sox. According to Facebook, Joe has been to 11% of the world. Joe once made a hoagie for Ricky Bottalico.

Greg [aka: ozziecanseco]: Greg is a recent college grad living and working in Washington, DC in the public policy sector. His two obsessions in life are the Phillies and HBO’s “The Wire,” which is dissapointingly shitty this season. He also likes Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, Bruce Springsteen, naan and NPR’s “Morning Edition.” He strongly dislikes NPR’s “This American Life,” which he often rants about to anyone who will listen to him. He also blogs at beisbol, etc. Greg is hoping that if he keeps volunteering for Barack Obama’s campaign as he has been doing these past few months, he will meet Scarlett Johansson and do things to/with her that he can blog about on this site.

Mike [aka: thaddeusballpheasant]: Mike is an avid Mets fan and as a result has an extreme dislike for anything named Armando Benitez, Guillermo Mota, or Yadier Molina. Sometimes he writes about other things such as soccer, baseball, movies, fluffy pillows, and alcohol (in moderation). Mike is the official author of,,,,, and Mike lives in the tropical oasis of Nashua, New Hampshire and once saw Barry Bonds’ fat head take up most of Fenway Park. In New England, most people are taught to never use turn signals.

Chris [aka: Costesflamingbat]: Chris is an avid Philadelphia fan for all four sports, but holds the Phillies and Flyers most dear to his heart.  He has since relocated back to south jersey since living in north jersey for a year.  His other interests include lacrosse, shitty action movies, Buster Olney, snowboarding, and dominating first person shooters.  No doubt the least professional writer of the bunch, Chris enjoys writing most his articles in roughly 15 minutes because he’s A) impatient and B) impulsive.  Like ozzie Chris is a massive Springsteen fan and in an ironic twist of fate has met every member of the band except for Bruce.

Nicholas (aka nmirra): Nicholas is a transplanted Pacific Northwesterner living in the land of 10,000 losses. Rooting for the Phillies has not conflicted with his beloved Mariners yet, sadly. Nicholas appreciates the new world of Sabermetrics, but lost track of things around the time VORP and WAR came on the scene. He writes for the military-drinking blog Liquid Courage and also wrote a short-lived baseball blog,, where his contributions were mostly limited to pointing out that the Brewers were a very heavy team, and Dustin Pedroia was a very short MVP candidate.

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  1. Joe — quite a perfect fit for you…a website devoted to baseball! I really like the URL and enjoyed the articles…looking forward to reading more.

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