Opening Week Observations – with a Happy Ending!

Teams that were supposed to be bad but are .500 or above: Orioles, Devil Rays, White Sox, Royals, Rangers, Marlins, Cardinals, Reds.
Teams that were supposed to be good but are below .500: Red Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Phillies, Mets, Rockies.
The only team performing where they should be is the Giants. There is no saving them. Aaron Rowand is not the answer, great CF, but CBP-inflated numbers in a contract year is a sure-fire way to become overpaid. Now all he can do is watch Barry Zito soft-toss BP to the opposing team.
Good thing the season isn’t over…oh, and all teams have only played two series.

In reference to the Tigers 0-6 start, a hard-thinking brain at Detroit News has come up with this…vaguishness.

The other day I was watching a game…of some teams who play baseball…and the only thing I remember is this interaction between Joe Morgan and…some other guy, probably Jon Miller, as they hypothesized (or decreed) who would win…all of it.

JM: I’m gonna have to pick Boston.
JM: Well, you can’t go wrong with that.
Me: Shut up, Joe Morgan.
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Memo to Cole Hamels and Prince Fielder: Eat My Ass

So I was enjoying my morning dump with the sports section of the Philadelphia Inquirer today and first thing I see is the Flyers lost but were pleased with their performance. Well not me. I demand victories over the god damn Rangers. Second thing is Cole Hamels is unhappy about his salary, and in the sidebar so is Prince Fielder. Jesus it’s starting to get ridiculous out there in Major League Baseball. Just kidding…it’s been ridiculous for a while now. But all the young stars bitching and moaning about how they’re so underpaid (even ones not arbitration eligible)…put a cork in it will you?

Let’s start off with Princess Fielder. Had a great year last year–50 dingers, lots of RBI’s, blah blah blah. Last year he made $415k; only his second year in the league. The Brew Crew Management gives him a salary boost up to $670, which you’d think would make him at least sort of appeased. Technically the Brewers don’t have to give him any raise at all…I mean lets face it, it’s only his second year in the league and he still has consistency to prove. Players moaning over salary is nothing new, but when you’ve been in the league less than 2 years and groaning over that much money…seriously shut your trap.

Which brings us next to Cole Hamels. When healthy he pitched very well last year. And he might actually have a bit of a bone to pick with Phillies management–Kyle Kendrick has a bit over 100 days more experience than Hamels and is making only $55,000 less. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Hamels is the drastically better pitcher. Bottom line is he’s still 24 years old making half a million dollars (with monster paydays right around the corner).

What it comes down to is both these guys could go to their respective organizations and say “I’d like to get some security, forego a few years of free agency, and get paid now.” Take a look at what Jose Reyes, David Wright, and most recently Troy Tulowitzki and Curtis Granderson have done. They all decided they enjoyed where they were, wanted the peace of mind to make multi-millions now, and didn’t want a contract squabble every 12 months (although with David Wright I think Minaya pulled a fast one on him and told him if he signed this “piece of paper” he’d give him a new coloring book.)

On a more serious note, best wishes and hopes go out to Davey Lopes with his battle with prostate cancer. Brilliant baseball mind and a great coach. I’m not worried though; rumor has it Chase Utley and Shane Victorino plan on out hustling the cancer until it is in permanent remission. Then Burrell will do bicep curls until it’s hypnotized by his amazing muscles, at which point ManChild will hit it 500 feet and eat 4 Subway sandwiches.