Making Steroids Fun

So here we are on the cusp of what could be a turning point in baseball history. Well, maybe that is too epic, but nonetheless we stare in the face the prospect of having some of our baseball icons ripped from our hearts as they are smothered in a nation’s disgust. Whoops, there I go again, epic.
The Mitchell Report could possibly rewrite a single team’s history, not to mention the statistics for any player it dares to mention. Statheads are getting ready for a big game of Grab Your Asterisks.
Getting to the point, the other day Ozzie jots down an email to a group of us from our ESPN Fantasy Baseball League suggesting a poor man’s bet (poor as in no money involved) where we make a list of 20 MLBers that excludes guys previously mentioned or exceedingly obvious choices (McGwire, Sosa, etc) and see how many nails we hit on the head. All, or most of us, agree with the usual ribbing of each other’s teams or players…mainly David Wright, I swear he has testicles, guys. Bigguns. How else did he get the Golden Glove for NL 3B? It certainly wasn’t his fielding percentage.
With a deadline of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I had visions of doing in depth research to find players that had odd sets of fluke years or sudden miraculous comebacks and other interesting discoveries. Staying true to college form I left it until the last minute and did as little research as possible. Haha, kidding, I did some research.
Oddly enough my list comprised of a large amount of former Mets. Then I realized that since I knew the most about Mets players I therefore had more to be suspicious of them. Kirk Radomski also helps. After submitting my list to Ozzie I decided that I wouldn’t be surprised if none of the guys were fingered nor would I be if all of them were. I mean, Alex Sanchez was the first player suspended under the new rules, and his record isn’t all that impressive (except for a few years of 30+ SB). Even better example: Neifi Perez….WTF? He has next to no power and is only successful on 56% of his steal attempts. And he has been suspended twice.
Yup, it’ll be interesting to see how wrong or right some of us are.
You’ll get to see the results if we get around to it. IF.