Opening Day 2008

Alright…so where to begin?

Opening day officially started for me at 7:41AM, when I rolled out of bed to make the journey to South Philly. I found out last week that the Phillies were releasing an extra 500 standing room only tickets at 9am Monday morning, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t one of those 500. So I play it safe, and get to the stadium at 8:20—except there’s already a massive line. The line was kind of fun; all jovial hopeful Phillies fans just hoping to get into opening day. We all agreed if we didn’t get tickets we were going to riot. Thank god I left my house early because I got tickets by the skin of my teeth. As long as I was going to Opening Day, I didn’t give a flying crap.

As it turns out my buddy Stew as going to the game as well, so we car-pooled our way there. After a brief stop at the liquor store we embarked on our Opening Day Journey. We finally pulled into our spots at the fairly soggy Citizens Bank parking lot. After many a beverage Stew decided to head to will call to get his tickets; I decided to hang back and drink with some new found friends.

Moonlightgraham and Hack Daddy were fortunate enough to have me buy tickets for them. What a guy, I know. Regardless we excitedly entered the park and dropped anchor on the third base side. The game began with many stupid phrases being rambled out like “BASEBALL IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW” and “THIS IS AWESOME”, without any explanation or reason for being said. But, we were ok with that.

The game is going along very well. Phillies actually manufacturing runs, Brett Myers doing a fine job through 4 innings. The fifth hits and he runs into a spot of bad luck, allowing 3 earned runs and 4 in all (J-Roll error…c’mon!!). Around the 6th Stew text’s me and says he’s going into McFaddens (stadium bar). He’s my ride, and it’s pretty cold so I oblige.

By the 7th the Phils have dug themselves a hole, but in classic 2007 fashion rally back and tie it at six. I finally get into McFaddens and run into a gem of a find. Check THIS out. Authentic, Pratt, Autographed. Three words I really didn’t think were ever to be used in a sentence.

The game ends, but the bar is fun. A fun bit: A guy hitting on a girl while waiting in line for the bathroom, and no joke using the opener “So…I’m married. Whats up?” She began berating him for being an asshole, to which he was laughing in her face and unphased said “so this is a picture of my son…can I buy you a drink?” Good stuff.

We’re in the outside section, when suddenly a lanky dude kind of bumps into me and walks past…and its Jeff Carter. I’m a monster Flyers nerd so I go up to him, congratulate him on a nice season and wish him good luck in the playoffs. I get back to Stew and tell him this…to which he explains there’s a bunch of Flyers here; Scottie Hartnell, Mike Richards, Joffrey Lupul, Jeff Carter and Riley Cote. I’d heard Riley Cote was a pretty cool dude so I walk over to him, where he’s surrounded by about 4 or 5 guys talking hockey. I know just about every fight he’s been in this year, so I pipe out of left field “Yo Riley, what the hell happened after that Andre Roy fight? He was PISSED.”

Riley looks directly at me like I hit the jackpot. For the next 10 minutes we had an in depth conversation about hockey fights, hockey fighters, and various fights he had this year, including using me as the opponent and showing how he knocked out Andre Roy and why he was pissed afterwards.

As Cote and I were talking Carter comes up and butts in our conversations and cuts off Riley mid-sentence. He’s a Philadelphia Flyer and a to-be multi-millionaire, but he’s not gonna be rude.  So I pipe up:

“Whoaa…I guess Mr. 17th overall draft pick is a little too important to wait to talk huh?”
“Hey…it was 11th overall man, get it right.”(joking fashion)
At this point Cote and I both look at him then at each other and burst out laughing. I ask Carter if his agent is getting on doing his new contract, to which he replies, “dude….my agent is probably drunk right now.” Good times all around!!

2 Responses

  1. For the record: Costesflamingbat is a helluva a guy.

    Also beers are now $7. That means that standing room only is cheaper than 2 beers. A market for Phillies hip flasks?

  2. You’re basically a representative of the Flyer’s organization now.


    The flaming port-a-pottie picture was hilarious, by the way.

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