Greg Maddux (as in “The Professor” Greg Maddux) likes to prank rookies by standing next to them in the shower and peeing on their leg.

From the Olney blog, an article about a feud between two Indians that rivals the Jeter/A-rod soap opera. Well, not exactly.

The Sizzler, also brought to you by Olney.

Thanks go out to Bob for this link.


More on the Gyroball mystery

Manny Ramirez won’t be at training camp until March 1, due to personal reasons. He may be at an Atlantic City car auction this Saturday, however.

I predicted in a previous column that Ichiro would think hard about free agency this season, and was right. What I did not predict is how much Ichiro in a knit cap looks like a Japanese version of ASC’s very own moonlightgraham (Joe).

More great links, courtesy of The Hardball Times.

ozziecanseco (Greg)


Baseball-reference: the best baseball site on the web.

Baseball Prospectus: the nerdiest site on the web, baseball or otherwise.

Rob Neyer explains VORP. A very useful article about a very useful stat.

Curious about the difference between a three-finger and a circle change? Steven Ellis explains. With diagrams to boot!

MLB miscellany

MLB lingo

The official site of Jimmy Rollins. I’m sure he maintains this one himself.

Um, yeah…

All things Gregg Easterbrook. Easterbrook is not a baseball writer. Rather, he is a Brookings fellow that writes Tuesday Morning Quarterback for espn during the football season. His analysis ranks among the most entertaining and informative of any sportswriter there is. A must-read.

Fire Joe Morgan: A blog set up to ridicule and lambast all the idiot sportswriters/commentators out there. A bunch of number-crunchers that like to reference the most obscure of statistics. They also love David Eckstein way too much (and by love I mean they are perplexed by how much attention this average player receives).

The Hardball Times: the Coke to ASC’s RC… for now.

4 Responses

  1. J-Roll has a newsletter? Like, OMG!

  2. I think Ichiro is more Indie than I am…

  3. C’mon now. You think Ichiro has ever heard of Sufjan Stevens? If you can’t out-Indie Ichiro, I’m not sure you deserve to continue writing for this site. Or continue being an American. Period.

  4. Very interesting history….
    Respect Autor…

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