Ok, so the headline is a little strong. Willie Randolph’s firing was something everyone could see, but the timing…hour, day, month…was all wrong. I’m never one for firing a manager midseason, since I can’t remember the last time it actually turned the team into a win machine. And some teams have gone late into seasons and suddenly just started winning every game in sight (2007 Colorado Rockies, 2005 Oakland A’s). Personally, if the Mets were to fire Willie it should have been after last season, or if during this season at least a week or two ago before interleague play resumed to give the interim guy some time to fiddle around with less meaningful games (let’s face it, interleague games affect you much less than games against intraleague teams).
Cleaning House? The firing of first base coach Tom Nieto instead of doing something about the woeful offense is a mystery to me. Almost everyone who isn’t Ryan Church or Moises Alou (who are both injured) are underperforming in some manner at the plate. Rick Peterson I do not completely agree with the firing of (I began this sentence with what should be the end of it. Screw you, grammar). His one big oopsie is convincing Mets Heads that he could turn Victor Zambrano into something better than Scott Kazmir. Hahahahahahaaaa. On the other hand he molded John Maine into a pretty good mid-rotation starter and got Oliver Perez to perform somewhere between his one good season with the Pirates and the subsequent one and a half awful ones.
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Things That Depress Me

Even though I am gamely employed, I am thoroughly enjoying this baseball season. However, there are a glaring number of things that I really don’t like and actually get me upset. Not UPS worker after 25 years upset but just a little down. Here are some of the things that actually get me kind of depressed.

1) That Carlos Delgado won’t be the Mets first basemen after this year
Long gone will be the days of 15+ million for an average defenese, 27 homer, .220 average, loud mouth road cone at first base. Carlos, you used to be a force to be reckoned with (especially in the Blue Jays days…good lord he was a monster) but now you suck and I’m upset you’re leaving the Mets. You are the number one problem with the Mets and to see you leave will bring a tear to my eye.
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