Why The Hell…

Big new pending for mets. Doesn’t sound good.
Will Carroll on Twitter

Ahh, the premise of big news with none of the info. As a result the entire Mets blogoscube is now suffering from severe panic attacks and OMGWTFBBQ syndrome (I don’t know what this is yet, but seriously, OMGWTFBBQ?).

Will Carroll does a series by the name of “Under the Knife” for Baseball Prospectus. At the end of July 2009 he had a tasty bit on Carlos Beltran’s knee stating that possible microfracture surgery could cause him to “miss much, if not all, of the 2010 season.”

Hooray. So the favorite theory right now, and most probable, is that Beltran has some major setback putting his and the Mets’ 2010 in doubt.

Meanwhile Andrew Vazzano of TheRopolitans has been tweeting left and right for the past hour using sources that I assume are Dugongs pulling random words written on balls from a tank.

I had been toying with an article where I basically hand the NL East to the Phillies, but add that the Braves, Marlins, and Mets (being finally healthy) could be in strong contention for the Wild Card. This is now pending as the possible loss of Beltran (or someone else) for an extended period or full season really hampers the lineup (unless Fernando Martinez lives up to old hype (he won’t)). So now we’re essentially looking at Phillies win, Braves and Marlins fight for second, Mets finish ahead of Nats (barring Strasburg cloning).

Injuries, yay!

Or the bad news is the Mets signed Bengie “Suckbag” Molina.

It's a tumor.

I just put this in the comments instead of here because I’m an idiot.

Mets Press Release

Out for 12 weeks…April 7th return and then he needs to have a late Spring Training, so he is missing all of April I’m guessing.

At least he’ll be fully healthy for the rest of 2010…until something else goes wrong (Barbarian attacks, peasant uprising, warrior needs food badly?).