Derek Jeter & Herpes: The Truth…ish

An old favorite, the article that catapulted All Swings Considered to No. 4 on Google Searches when one types in “Derek Jeter + Herpes.” In honor of the Yankees making it back to the World Series, we are reposting the article. Enjoy. – All Swings Considered

Originally published Feb 22, 2008

In my never-ending attempt to have ASC win the Google search for ‘Derek Jeter Herpes,’ I will now make an entire post about…this. Actually the real reasoning is that I’ve been flooded by questions over the validity of said rumors. And by flooded I mean asked by one friend, who goes by the initials LG. Let’s call him Liquid Gold. Well, he is a Yankees fan, so let’s call him Luminescent Greed.

Liquid Gold/Luminescent Greed: does jeter actually have herpes?

that was the question…flooding.

Anyway, I do not know for sure if he does or does not actually have herpes. There are certainly rumors, and many of them, and there is even a Derek Jeter Herpes Tree. This sadly has him herpifying many of our beloved celebs (Jessicas Alba and Biel and Scarlett Johanssen to start) and then indirectly contaminating the rest of the world’s population. Continue reading