Moonlight’s Opening Day Notes : Hooray!

Imagine that you ate real bad Thai food last night. It tasted good, but well, it was Thai food. You spent most of the day in bed, watching Crash. Imagine that it’s 8:15 and you told your girlfriend that you’d be over. You have food on the stovetop. Imagine that you just saw that everyone else posted about opening day. You felt pressured to do something. The clock is ticking. Continue reading

Allswingsconsidered 2.0: Appendium

Just how weighty are our ASC blogging promises? See last post: AllSwingsConsidered 2.0 Continue reading

Baseball, brought to you by Baseball

Since we watch our baseball on TV, opting out on radio because of its grainy visuals, we inevitably are presented with baseball commercials. Some of these commercials promote a team and others merely opt in baseball players and conventions to push some good ol’ $’s. Below are some of both, just five, which I found on YouTube during a Phillies spring-training game.

Check them out: Continue reading

Doug Glanville: Reflections…What’s with his BA?

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Why Build a Pool in a Ballpark (?): The “Post-Modern” Trends of Consumerism in Baseball: Part 1

Take me out to the ballgame—buy me some peanuts and crackers jacks—stop to do some banking—drop the kids off at the Fun Zone—pick up a $120 jersey in the gift shop—go dancing in the VIP club—take a dip in the pool—root root root for the home team (which one is the home team again? Oh right, the ones with their own introductory theme music).

Maybe it is time to update our 7th inning stretch song.

I want to write about what a ballpark means today (or some aspect of such), because, inevitably, our ballparks have become as diversified as our shopping outlets (not as much culturally as economically). Needless to say, going out to the ol’ ballgame is a totally different experience than it used to be. Continue reading