Sabermetrics Can Apply To Anything (Once You Become An Ass And Redefine It)

Recipients of far too many Fencing jokes.

…and apply to Trademark it.

SABR is fighting this: SABR moves to block trademarking of term “sabermetrics.”

SABR – The Society for American Baseball Research, was a term coined by Bill James in his 1980 Bill James Baseball Abstract. It has since brought about the term “sabermetrics,” which is just is basically the statistical analysis of baseball. Heck, the word can’t be defined without baseball being mentioned: TheFreeDictionary Merriam-Webster

So now comes Deep Focus, Inc., a marketing firm (i.e. a bunch of annoying pricks) and they go and place a trademark request for the term…that they didn’t coin…and that they aren’t going to use in a baseball context. A real bunch of winners.
In this PowerPoint titled “Social Media Is Mature. No It Isn’t.” (slides 48-56) by Ian Schafer, CEO and Founder of Deep Focus, Inc., he coins the phrase “Social Media Sabermetrics(TM)” and never mentions baseball (except for a Bill James pic). In slide 50 we get:

Social Media Sabermetrics(TM)
A objective methodology for measuring social media-driven engagement.

…and unless he throws in “through the use of baseball statistical analysis” at the end there he’s pretty much bastardizing the term. “Social Media Metrics” would work just as well. Come up with your own words for crying out loud.

I can’t imagine a successful trademarking of the term since it has been in increasing public popular use for such a long time now, not to mention Bill James and then SABR probably have first dibs on the rights.

From the SABR story:

“We believe sabermetrics is a generic term and should remain in the public domain,” says SABR Executive Director John Zajc. “SABR is part of a larger movement toward open source sharing of information. Having a private company own a federal trademark registration for a term in common use in our industry is not in line with that philosophy.”

That should pretty much end this…I hope.

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