Please, Joe Mauer, Stay a Twin (update)

Resident Boston wacko Jonathan Papelbon provides some interesting quotes in Gordon Edes’ recent ESPN column.  The article is mostly about Papelbon’s off season and contract status.  One quote that drew my attention is the following: 

Closers are millionaires too, you know

“But what do I have to give up to be in that marriage? Understand, I’m in the prime of my career. Why would I give up something? I’d give up something if it’s fair to both sides, but I want to do things for my fellow closers, just like Mo paved the way for me. I want every closer out there, man, to get every penny they deserve.”

I have speculated that the Players Union pressures big free agents to follow the most money, in order to inflate the salaries of lesser players.  I don’t know if that is true, but Papelbon provides evidence that such thinking is certainly floating out there.


Also, Roy Halladay, as expected, left the Blue Jays.  However, he took less money in order to play for a contender.  Some ASC props to you, Doc, for being a classy competitor (to the extent that signing a $20 million dollar per year contract can be said to be a classy move).

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