Best Trade Ever! LOL!1

….since that Zambrano-Kazmir sweetness…am I right?

Three Team Deal, from a year ago today:
Mets – J.J. Putz, Sean Green, Jeremy Reed all from Seattle.
Seattle – Ezequiel Carrera, Maikel Cleto, Mike Carp, Endy Chavez, Aaron Heilman, Jason Vargas from the Mets and Franklin Gutierrez from Cleveland.
Cleveland – Luis Valbuena from Seattle and Joe Smith from the Mets.

Cleveland didn’t receive all that much since Luis Valbuena, while having some power for a 2B/SS, can’t hit worth a damn nor is he all that impressive as a fielder and Joe Smith, while he improved on his so-so numbers, still doesn’t make up for trading Gutierrez (more on him in a bit). Smith may improve even more and turn out to be another Mets regret, but he probably won’t.

Seattle receives a handful of Mets minor leaguers including Jason Vargas who is one of those “He will be great one day, but that day never comes” kind of guys and Mike Carp who may actually have a decent future with the Mariners. Also from the Mets came Endy Chavez, which was really kind of disheartening since he was a great guy (and that catch!), but to be honest the Mets were too thick to give him enough playing time (Willie liked him). Aaron Heilman was the final jettison by the Mets and he was shortly flipped for Ronny Cedeno and Garret Olson of the Cubs. Then Cedeno was moved with a butt-load of minor leaguers and Jeff Clement (crap) for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson of the Pirates…so a win there for the M’s again (Mariners, not Mets). Finally, from Cleveland, someone had the boneheaded idea that including Franklin Gutierrez in the deal would just be the tits, man. And so Seattle obtained possibly the most underrated OF (def. best defensive OF, Fielding Bible – Winners) and, just wow, he even had a pretty decent year at the plate. Just imagining Chavez, Suzuki, and Gutierrez running and bouncing around out there like gas particles is insane.

Hi, I'm Franklin Gutierrez and I'm really freaking awesome. Just look at my hair!

Now the fun part. The Mets received Jeremy Reed, who was a “defensive 4th OF,” which essentially means the Mets got shafted because he was slightly good defensively, but he couldn’t swing his way out of a batters box…well, he could, but out is the key word here. Sean Green is a “He’s got great stuff ,but he just really really sucks” type of guys…and he spent his season with the Mets proving that (he could have been worse I guess, but we have other pitchers to do that). J.J. Putz appeared in 29 games before crapping out entirely meaning that the Mets paid him $6 million for a K/BB ratio of 1…yup. So for every K he got paid about $315,000. For each inning he pitches he received roughly $205,000. He allowed 29 hits in 29 1/3 innings. His ERA and WHIP were his career worsts and he just sucked so much. Instead of paying him $8.9 million to get injured again or suck more the Mets paid him $1 million to not be overpaid. The possibility of getting him back was still there, which I was open to since he can’t really suck for too long (right?), but that door just closed since he signed with the Chicago White Sox for one year at $3mil.

Trade Grades
Indians: Fail
Mets: Epic Fail
Mariners: A+

Ok, now I have to go read more about how the Mets are destined to sign Bengie “Suckface” Molina.

2 Responses

  1. On the topic of “terrific” trades, I have to point out that the 2008 Erik Bedard trade was a nice, tidy fiasco for the Mariners. We get 3/4ths of a year of surly, 5-inning starts and the Orioles get an entire farm system.

  2. One of Bavasi’s more memorable blunders. It’s obscene the talent he has traded away for the pitiful results they’ve yielded. Asdrubal Cabrera, Shin-Soo Choo, Rafael Soriano, Randy Winn, Carlos Guillen, and Freddy Garcia have all left and no one worth even half of them has come over in return.
    I’ll actually be moving to Seattle in a couple months and I’m really looking forward to being able to get reasonably priced tickets to a baseball team with a GM who knows what he’s doing. The difference between Bavasi and Zduriencik is absolutely cavernous…like a retarded baby vs. Stephen Hawking (brainpower-wise).
    Another stupid thing, Zdur…guy spent a good 11-12 years working for the Mets, but, you know, he was actually consistently good at what he does so he was allowed to move on.

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