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    Dusty Baker wishes that the 2009 Reds were as good as his 2009 fantasy team was *** Dominican Republic donates David Ortiz to Haiti *** Steve Phillips admits to having affair with himself *** Yankees accidentally lose 10 World Series trophies after trophy shelf mishap *** After frustrating season, Rays change name once again to the "R"s *** President Obama tells story about throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star game to prove point on Health Care Reform
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And the award for most bizarre offseason development goes to…

Sammy Sosa for turning… white?

According to Sosa (by way of ESPN), facial cosmetic cream has lightened his skin. Whether White Sosa is here to stay or not, I’m just happy to have any Sosa back in my life. What ever happened to that guy anyway? What? Oh. Yeah…


One Response

  1. We’re only 8 days into the off season, but I can’t imagine anything topping this.

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