Thank God for the New York Times

By now, most people following the buildup to Game One tomorrow night have seen the NY Post’s front page this morning (and no, I’m not talking about this one). Was the “Victorino in a skirt” thing funny? A bit. Not one of the Post’s better headlines in my humble opinion, but not every NY Post headline can feature A-Rod being exposed as a juicer, A-Rod cheating on his wife, A-Rod getting ripped by his ex-manager, A-Rod making out with himself, or the Mets choking.

Shane Victorino could probably use the motivation, anyway. Wait, what? You mean this guy?

Maybe this was

a bad idea.

Too late. Shit.

But I digress. The point is it’s the NY Post and you can’t take them too seriously. After all, they’re not the New York Times. The New York Times publishes Serious and Insightful pieces, like this one on Jeter. It’s funny – I thought being totally oblivious to basic facts about the World Series made you an idiot. Turns out, it means you’re focused! If only Chase Utley wereas clueless as to whom HE was starting against in Game Two. No wonder the Phillies are going to get swept. Keep up the good reporting, New York Times. A few more articles on Captain Jetes and his inability to tell time/tie his own shoelaces and we might just forgive you for your complete and utter abandonment of journalistic responsibility in the leadup to the Iraq War.

Also, this just in:

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  1. Jeter is ign’ant, man.

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