Man….I’m tired.

This whole “working” this is a serious downer. Along with “working” I now have a “girlfriend”. Both are good things, but both cut into my baseball time. I guess you take the bad with the good. Mindless ramblings (it’s all I’m capable of)

-Benigo and Roberts on 660 WFAN in New York are the most annoying radio duo in the world. The Met homerism is like a fine cheese here…considered by some to be a delicacy, but to most it just fucking stinks. Then you switch over to 1050 ESPN radio for Kellerman and Kenny (infinitely more entertaining), and Max Kellerman could be the biggest Yankee homer of all time, and that is QUITE a statement. Someone must dislodge Mo Rivera’s penis from his mouth or its just going to get awkward.

-Omar Minaya will be tarred and feathered come October (and I can’t wait).

-I wish I was Evan Longoria.

-My new Blackberry Curve is Boss as hell. For a sports fan, there is nothing finer than having scores and ESPN at your fingertips at all time. For a salesmen, its poison.

-I’m really angry I missed both Springsteen shows. But I’ll get em next time.

-Something is not right with Utley. It’s almost comforting to know he had hip issues for most of the year, because he went into such an awful funk for awhile it was sad. He’s semi-righted the ship at this point. I predict a ending season average of about .310.

-Could the Yankees have had a better trade deadline? Seriously? Dropping Farnsworth (who was WAY over performing…lets not forget this is Farnsworth, people) and his monster salary for 3 months of Pudge, who’s been on a certifiable tear lately. I mean, THAT is a great trade. Then to sugarcoat their tits Manny leaves for L.A., and not the Angels. On top of that, they grab a right handed left fielder in Xavier Nady that they so dearly coveted. There were massive backups on the Garden State Parkway from the Yankee fans getting out and jerking off on the side of the road.

-Manny is a douchebag. He’s gone from, in my eyes, a quirky/goofy hitting savant to a selfish, money hungry cockface. If I didn’t hate the Red Sox and 99% of their fanbase with a fiery passion I’d pull for them to win it just to shove it in his face.

-I moved to Morristown, NJ and don’t get Philadelphia Comcast Sportsnet anymore. Sadface.

-I’m tired and have to go to work.

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