Don’t Look Now, But…

We’re roughly thirty games into this baseball season, and of course I’m enjoying it thoroughly. However, there are some serious oddities going on, and I thought I’d just point out a few that caught my eye.

-Justin Verlander. Good god…his fantasy owners should be declaring for reparations at some point. 1-5 with an ERA north of six? This guy has electric stuff but just can’t put it together. Nevermind the car wreck that has been D-Train in Detroit, Verlander was supposed to be the one constant on the staff and he can’t put it together. If he doesn’t, the Tigers won’t even sniff the postseason.

-Joe Saunders. Who? Exactly. Saunders flew under the radar in ’07 throwing only 107 innings posted a respectable 8-5 with a 4+ ERA (not bad for the AL). This year however he’s been on fire. 6-0 with an ERA under 2.47. Will he keep it up? I think he’ll have a nice year (15-17 wins), but when you pitch to contact like he does it’s a dangerous game, especially in the American league. Up until his last outing Saunders was doing great (then he got his shit pushed in, but he was going against me in fantasy…so thanks, Joe) and should prove to be a steady arm all year.

-Things on the Phillies-(good)Pat Burrell, the bullpen and (bad)Ryan Howard. Pigs must be flying over a sheet of ice in hell because I never thought I’d say either one of those things. Pat Burrell is finally living up to his salary and his posting a .315 batting average while hitting over .400 with runners in scoring position! WHAT? Furthermore, statistically speaking the Phillies bullpen is ranked number one in the NL, with Brad Lidge becoming the proverbial hammer at the back end of the bullpen. (If you told me Brad Lidge would be lights out after choosing a Drowning Pool song, I would’ve laughed at you). And lastly, ManChild. Manchild is hitting somewhere around my weight (hint…I don’t weigh over 165 pounds) and while he says he’s improving lately, the numbers sure don’t show it. I’m glad I picked him to have a monster year and start the year off hot.

-Barry Zito sucks…wait, thats pretty consistent.

-The Youth Movement. In case anybody batted an eye, there is a serious youth movement going on in baseball and these guys are GOOD. Justin Upton, Lastings Milledge, Carl Crawford, BJ Upton(only 20!!), Tim Lincecum, Johnny Cueto, Joba Chamberlain, Geavanny Soto, Yovani Gallardo, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Hunter Pence, Cole Hamels, Jon Lester, Jose Reyes, Andrew Miller, Corey Hart, Prince Fielder, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others. Every single one of these guys is ridiculously talented and 24 years or younger. Now if they just were sub-par blog authors that were lazy about posting…that’d be impressive. But until then, they’ll have to settle for millions of dollars and being famous. Suckers.

-Max Scherzer. Pitcher for the Diamondbacks who has two different colored eyes (heterochromic). One is brown and the other is ice blue. He also throws 100mph. That’s just cool.

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  1. I’m glad I picked RyHo for my two fantasy teams this year. His ass is so large it does twice the bench warming of the average ball player.

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