Rehab 101

…where 101 = the number of Mets who will be injured at the end of Spring Training.

This injury thing is now getting ridiculous and there isn’t a clear reason why the Mets are suddenly feeling the warm hug of an injury all over them.
A little less than a year ago I was talking to a guy who trained people for marathon running and asked him his thoughts on the influx of hamstring and leg related injuries the Yankees were experiencing. Running, and the stretching that usually goes along with it, helps loosen up the muscles in the legs, which in turn aids the quick reflex muscles that baseball players use much more than any muscles needed for running long distances. The new training went with the brilliant plan of deemphasizing running in their workout regimen and thus it began to have an effect on the players. Problem solved. The Mets on the other hand seem to have trouble with senior citizens (Moises Alou, Orlando Hernandez, Carlos Delgado) and bad luck (everyone else).

I’m not so worried about Alou, as Endy Chavez or Angel Pagan can take over and do a decent job at the plate. They can also perform much better interpretations of a gas particle than ol’ Moises. Of course Chavez is also currently injured. Omar Minaya is inspecting his tradable options (i.e. no propsects) and any place holders that are available from other teams. So far nothing stellar.

The good news is that the healthy backups and backups of the injured backups have been performing better than expected. This could mean a whole variety of absolutely nothing considering that it is Spring Training, but it is a positive nevertheless. Additionally, Mike Pelfrey has been pitching well in his couple starts, which allows the Mets to breath a sigh of relief over El Duck before beginning to panic over their lack of reliable backup starters. Hooray!

Recent news over Mike Hampton’s return to the familiar friend called injury will soften the blows to the Mets, but the fact remains that most of the Braves and Phillies are healthy and waggling wood and balls (obligatory testicles tag) in the sunny oasis of Florida. Brad Lidge is the main Phil out at the moment, but he is progressing better than expected and shouldn’t miss too much more time. Many injured Mets are also expected back before Spring Training gives way to 2008, but they will have still missed a significant amount of valuable warm-up (yes, so will Lidge and Hampton).

Quick List of Players who are injured or have missed most of Spring Training so far:
Carlos Delgado – 1B, hip
Carlos Beltran – OF, knees
Ryan Church – OF, concussion
Moises Alou – OF, Hernia
Endy Chavez – OF, hamstring, ankle
Luis Castillo – 2B, knee
Ruben Gotay – 2B, ankle
Marlon Anderson – OF, INF, sternum
Damion Easley – INF, ankle
Brian Schneider – C, hamstring
Duaner Sanchez – RP, taxi accident over a year and a half ago
Orlando Hernandez – SP, foot, that thing where you can’t remember stuff because you’re old

And finally this tidbit:

Minor league catcher Sean McCraw, standing in a area seemingly protected by the batting cage, nonetheless was struck in the shin by a batted ball that probably would have damaged his leg if not for a shinguard. The impact startled all who witnessed it, including Church.

“I think I feel another concussion,” Church said.

The balls are in on it.

7 Responses

  1. Aha, Pelfrey just went and let the Marlins beat the balls out of him and just minutes after I wrote this.

  2. David Wright-3b, literacy

  3. it’s true, i read it on espn this morning. he thought a bottle labeled “rat poison” actually had flaxseed oil inside it and ate the entire contents.

  4. They have David Wright is Illiterate shirts in Europe. We need to catch up.

  5. There is going to be an injury bug going around ASC soon if you guys don’t shut it.

    Shu tit

    Shoe tit

    Chest Hams

  6. i’m going to say that i already have an injury. makes for a good excuse for why i never write anything up.

    ok i am going to go right something now.

  7. […] illiteracy, jimmy rollins, johan santana, jose reyes, nl east my esteemed colleague mike pondered what the fallout of the mets’ recent spat of injuries will be. deep down, my hope is for the […]

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