Roger Clemens: Innocent…..ARE YOU %&)*&#)($ KIDDING ME???

So I’m watching the Roger Clemens deposition right now. And a great number of things are jumping out at me.

1) Roger Clemens refuses to admit he lied at any time. About anything. The initial depositions he and McNamee gave are full of holes because they had no idea how deep this thing would get. I just watched 10 minutes of Clemens dodging a question about whether or not he ever spoke about or researched HGH in anyway…WHEN HIS WIFE HAS ADMITTED TO TAKING HGH AND HAVING AN ADVERSE REACTION! Ok so lets review. Roger Clemens: major league baseball player, 300+ wins, 7-time Cy Young winner who strangely enough defied all logic and became even MORE dominant through his late 30’s and 40’s (hey…I know a baseball hitter who was JUST like that! wonder if he did any PED’s…). Debra Clemens: wife of Roger Clemens, has to do nothing but pop out babies and keep her husband satisfied, look hot and spend money. Yup, it’s official. That fucking Debra Clemens was DEFINITELY the one who first started doing HGH. Continue reading