Quick Phils Snippet

With the Flyer’s doing a fantastic job of ripping my heart out the past week, thankfully the Phillies pitchers and catchers reported to camp yesterday to temporarily distract me. Quick thoughts:

1) Ryan Howard surprised everybody and showed up early to camp, amidst a contract mini-feud with Phils GM Pat Gillick. This sends a good message to me that no matter what he’s ready to start hitting baseballs mindlessly. What sends an even better message to me is the noticeable vacancy of a gut he’s been sporting in years past. Looks like Manchild ate his Wheaties this winter.

2) A very loose squad. So loose that somebody printed up some of the best tee-shirts I’ve ever seen.

3) Most players are actually coming into camp…healthy. Hamels is operating at full capacity, thank-god-it’s-his-last-year Tom Gordon is 100%, Myers looks like he kept up his off-season workouts, Utley’s inability to stop working out is apparent, and Jamie Moyer is social security eligible in ten years. The only person with a real health issue is Brad Lidge who had off season surgery…but who needs a closer?

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