Lets Review, Shall We?

With the 2007 MLB season in the books, I can honestly say, “What a season.”

I could pour over endless statistics, go nuts with over personal player acheivements, etc. But rather lets talk about what really matters: Me. This is how I shook down my performance this year.


Florida Marlins: 4th place, 81-81 ACTUAL: 5th place, 71-91

Crapola. Missed this one. Who knew how hard the sophmore slump was gonna hit? Furthermore, who the HELL knew the Nats would be a competent baseball team? Looks like its “trade our awesome players for more sick prospects” time in Florida–adios Miggy C, possibly D-train.

Philadelphia Phillies: 1st place, 93-69 ACTUAL: 1st place, 89-73


Washington Nationals: 5th place, 59-103 ACTUAL: 4th place, 73-89

Good for the Nats. I’m happy about I was wrong about this team. After watching them play it really made me realize the synergy concept is possible and alive. Dirt low payroll, dirt low stadium, guys that give it their all every night. Manny Acta in my mind is manager of the year. BONUS POINTS: Dmitri Young’s resurgence, something I largely credit to his theme song being “Throw Some D’s” when he comes to the plate.

Atlanta Braves: 3rd place, 86-76 ACTUAL: 3rd place, 84-78

Fairly spot on with this evaluation. With any production from Andruw Jones this past year (sheeeesh!) and contribution from Mike Hampton (rather than pushing Chuck James’ development) this team could’ve been a wild-card threat. Time is winding down for the machine that is John Smoltz…I don’t see the Braves being better next year.

New York Mets: 2nd place, 90-72 ACTUAL: 2nd place, 88-74

Wow. Just wow. Barring some insane wheeling and dealing from Omar Minaya this post season (I’m not putting it past him) this Mets team is in big, big trouble. Pitching in shambles (pen and starters), albatross at 1b, and a few question marks in the outfield. Did I mention the pitching was in trouble?

Contenders and Pretenders Article:

Let’s see. I had the Arizona Diamondbacks as PRETENDERS. Yup…that was wrong. Had the New York Mets as CONTENDERS…uh huh, wrong again. Phillies as…PRETENDERS. Noticing a trend? Los Angeles Dodgers…CONTENDERS. Shit. San Diego Padres…CONTENDERS. Son of a bitch. Hey…I said anybody from the NL Central was a joke! I got that right!

Onto other observations…I said Dice-K was gonna win 15 games, sweet! Coste was called up again this season, and surprise, he produced! All Swings Considered, it was a very fun and enjoyable baseball season. Of course I would’ve loved to see the Sox not win the WS, but what can ya do? They deserve it.

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