Alright Philadelphia, you want moves? I got moves.

This is my quick fix solution for the Philadelphia. Stand up, step back, read and enjoy.

1)Acquire Troy Glaus. Lets face it, Toronto is preparing themselves for fire sale mode. To me, this will be the biggest hurdle to overcome (but with Gillicks close ties in Toronto it could be possible). Philadelphia has recently signed Wes Helms and committed him to be the 3b starter. Only one problem–they need power from the hot corner but aren’t getting it. You can do one of two things here-1) Deal Rowand or Helms plus prospects to the Jays or 2) just highly regarded prospects. I’d prefer to get rid of Helms; he’s a decent player but doesn’t bring the kind of clout Philly is looking for. I’d also explore dealing Madson.

2)Trade Pat Burrell. He’s healthy this year and proving he can be a power asset to a squad. This would probably be easier than one might think–he’s a streaky hitter yes but he’ll get his HR’s and RBI’s as well. Deal him for prospects, picks, whatever. As long as he and his salary are gone.

3)Sign Ichiro to a 5 year 80 million dollar deal. Time to break the piggy bank Phillies management. You see that team running away with the division? That’s the New York Mets, and they’re not exactly pinching pennies. Pay to play.

4)Sign Man-Child to a long term deal, worth roughly 18 mil a year. 6 for 110-115 sounds about right.

5)Overpay for some bullpen help. I don’t care who or what, we need it. Drop roughly 15 mil on the bullpen. That should equate to at least two solid arms.

Now, you want defense? How about an outfield of Ichiro-Rowand-Victorino. Want power? The middle of your lineup consists of Utley-Man Child-Glaus-Rollins. Want speed? Ichiro(40 steals)-Victorino(40 steals, seriously)-Rollins(20 steals). Starting pitching? Hamels-Garcia-Moyer-Eaton-Lieber/Myers. Relief? That’s where the FA signings come in. You’re looking at spending 120 mil on a lineup that would make any team wet its pants.

On a sidenote, I’d like to remind everybody to pray for a meteor to strike Shea Stadium this weekend. All for now,

The Bat

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