MLB Stock Report

I’m sure you’ve seen this gimmick before; sports website has rising and lowering stocks of teams/players/situations/whatever the hell they want. Well strap in because it’s happening again.

Milwaukee Brewers: UP

Not much respect was giving to the NL central at the beginning of the year (even though the reigning World Series champs were there, lollercoster). However the Brewers have proven they’re a team worth considering for a late season spoiler. They go four strong in the rotation with Suppan, Sheets, Capuano, and Dave Bush. Francisco Cordero has come out of absolutely nowhere to lead the league in saves. They have a plethora of raw young talent in Prince Fielder, Bill Hall, Rickie Weekes, JJ Hardy and Tony Gwynn Jr.

Toronto Blue Jays: DOWN

Yikes. You gotta feel for this squad because as far as opening day teams go, you had to think they were going to make some noise. However losing your ace (Halladay) big money closer (Ryan) having a banged up 3b hammer (Glaus) and some underperformers equal a season going down the crapper. Only mid-May and fire sale talks are already starting (Pat Gillick, take notice).

Roger Clemens bank account: RIDICULOUSLY UP

Alright…we all knew it was coming. I can usually gauge deals and contracts pretty well before they happen–I was exactly on the dot for Carlos Lee’s contract, very close to Soriano’s (I said 125), and even predicted Gil Meche’s contract (just kidding, no way in hell anybody could’ve guessed that). So when I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach this past weekend and my buddy told me Clemens had been signed, I told him it would go for 15-20 million, max 22. When it came through it would be pro-rated at 28 million…I just laughed. The Yankees are that stupid. Figure this…Clemens will be coming back in roughly mid to late June. Figure he plays the entire season…and the Yankees are paying him 40-45 million dollars. Just stop what you’re doing and think about that for a few minutes.

Reigning NL MVP Ryan Howard: DOWN

From pre-season it didn’t look good. Not going the opposite way, being over-aggressive at the plate, looking like he put on a few extra pounds in the off season. We all figured he just needed 10 games to gain his old form. 10 turned to 15, which turned to 20, which turned to 30, which turned to the DL. Comparing him to Ricky Vaughn from Major League 2 has become somewhat of a hobby for me. Hero last year, then all the press and endosements go his way–loses track of his conditiong and hitting. Season starts and suddenly he’s at the Mendoza line and can’t go the other way (his bread and butter last year). If Howard starts naming his swings when he gets back…we’re in serious trouble. The only possible good thing about Howard being injured is Coste being called up. F’n A Cotton, F’n A.

High Profile Pitcher Injuries: UP

Roy Halladay, King Felix, Chris Carpenter, BJ Ryan, Eric Gagne, Joel Zumaya (tear), Tom Gordon, Bob Wickman, Rich Haren, Jason Schmidt, El Duque…I mean sheesh.

Charlie Manuel’s Chromosome Count: WAY UP

My Baseball picks: UP

While on vacation in Myrtle Beach, while you could measure my BAC more accurately with a Richter Scale than a breathalyzer, I hit 18 out of 22 picks. My calling in life is apparent to me now–become an alcholic baseball bookie and live a lavish lifestyle.

SportsCenter’s new layout: DOWN

We don’t need a column of which stories are coming up in the coming minutes-the new SportsCenter layout is someone with ADD’s worst nightmare (or wet dream?). They’ve already got the bottom line there to momentarily take away my attention. What’s next? Stories they recently covered scrolling along the top and ones they’re thinking of covering next week on the left, to the point where the only real part of the screen we can see is Stephen A. Smith’s mouth construing every issue in sports into an race-related topic? SC-Less is more.

Baseball tonight: UP

Brings it everynight. Sure a team of monkeys could scroll through game highlights and I’d still love it, but the team with which they work is a great panel. Karl Ravich does an admirable job as the head-honcho anchor, handling all the appropriate announcing duties. John Kruk does a great job breaking down the game in many aspects, all with a great sense of humor. Peter Gammons continues his long reign of baseball supremecy providing outstanding insight and more baseball inside information that few can produce. Their special guest hosts are unmatched; Orel Hershiser can be found at least once or twice a week on the show, Tony Gwynn stops by every once in a while. Fernando Vina is a very smart and intelligent person, but just not cut out for TV (but its fun to watch him try). Chris Young strengthens the old addage that alot of baseball players aren’t articulate (hearing him call Chien Ming Wong “Ching Wing” has been the highlight of the year).

That’s all I got for now.

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  1. Very nice Blue Jays information. I think Halladay will be a future hall-of-famer.
    I hope to be in Toronto for a game this fall. I am visiting from Peru.

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