Some Thoughts Thus Far

1) First and foremost, injustice on the homefront. Chris Coste, of whom I take my namesake, the same person who in his first year in the bigs at age 33 hit .328 (led the phillies) and .356 with RISP (also leading), while hitting on a pace for 90+ RBI’s and 20+ homers has been delegated to the minors since the beginning of the season. Why? So we can watch Rod Barajas go 0-for the century and Carlos Ruiz can prove to us he should still be in AAA. Did I mention Coste plays 3b and 1b as well? The Phillies organization is showing how abso-fucking-lutely retarded they are this season, and its hurting my head. A good young core with a bench of nobody’s is a good way to have high expectations and low results. Last year during the late season push one constant was the Phils bench–Jeff Conine was obtained from the Marlins, and Chris Coste was providing a stellar bat in the bottom of the order.  This year?  Greg Dobbs, Jayson Werth, and Michael Bourne.  Ugh.

2) Dice-K falling on hard luck. After my mini-slam of Dice-K in the last entry, allow me to say this guy is a VERY capable pitcher and will be successful. In his second outing he ran into arguably the nastiest pitcher in the league (Felix) and last night ran into a very underrated and very talented young arm (Chacin). Dice went 7 strong allowing only two runs but again got credited with the L. Tough times, but if you don’t think this guy is going to win at least 15 games this year you’re out of your mind.

3) The Yankees lineup top to bottom is disgusting. I mean filthy disgusting. I absolutely hate the Yankees fanbase, but since I live in north jersey, and they’re on, I can’t help but watch. With A-Rod playing the way everybody expects him to, and Abreu added to the lineup, this team is an offensive nuclear holocaust just waiting to lay waste to pitchers. If this teams pitching EVER gets healthy and adds one more veteran starter (c’mon, I feel the Jon Lieber talk in my bones!!), they have to be considered the front runners to win it all. And K-Rod? You’re 13 million a year is waiting for you after the season is over in the Big Apple.

4) Jose Reyes is good. REALLY good. Once he learns how to read pitchers properly (haven’t seen him get a good jump yet) this guy will be unstoppable on the basepaths. Maybe not Ichiro good (45 stolen bases in 47 attempts last year), but damn close.

5) Slow starts by the big guys. Until the past two games Papi has been in a bear-like coma, Manny’s hair is in his face, Teixera forgot he’s an elite firstbasemen (YOU’RE KILLING MY FANTASY TEAM ASSHOLE!!!), Howard looks out of sorts at the plate (he’s gained weight too, NOT a good sign), Berkman is 15 points under the Mendoza Line, and Albert Pujols is sitting at 25 points below Berkman. Yikes.

6) The Nats suck (but will still take 1 of 2 games from the Phillies)

7) We should call the Mets announcers “Tom Glavine’s on-air felatio service” (Yes, I’m bitter. Leave me alone)

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