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    Dusty Baker wishes that the 2009 Reds were as good as his 2009 fantasy team was *** Dominican Republic donates David Ortiz to Haiti *** Steve Phillips admits to having affair with himself *** Yankees accidentally lose 10 World Series trophies after trophy shelf mishap *** After frustrating season, Rays change name once again to the "R"s *** President Obama tells story about throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star game to prove point on Health Care Reform
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Quotes You Will Not Be Seeing Anywhere Else

“Now the fans will love me…I’m a true Yankee!”-A-Rod

“I thought like, the National League was supposed to be like, totally easy?”-Barry Zito

“I’m so excited for this season; I think we’ve got alot of potential to turn some heads and I’m happy to be a part of it.”-Chad Cordero

“Can we just look past that little HGH thing?”-Gary Matthews

“I think I’ve got a shot at the Cy Young this year.  Seriously.”-Curt Schilling

“Is an ERA of 72.00 a bad thing?”-Jose Contreras

“Although mailing it in the past 5 years has been fun, I’m gonna really commit myself this year.”-Junior Griffey

“I’m truly a fucking asshole.”-Barry Bonds

“We’re going to support our team this year.”-Florida Marlins fanbase

“Peeing on rookies? Thats disgusting.”-Greg Maddux

“I think we’ve got a good young core to help this squad.”-Bill Bavasi


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  1. Haha, Barry Bonds never tells the truth.

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