Moonlight’s Opening Day Notes : Hooray!

Imagine that you ate real bad Thai food last night. It tasted good, but well, it was Thai food. You spent most of the day in bed, watching Crash. Imagine that it’s 8:15 and you told your girlfriend that you’d be over. You have food on the stovetop. Imagine that you just saw that everyone else posted about opening day. You felt pressured to do something. The clock is ticking.

Never trust a pitching staff

So, going into Opening Day with 4 staff aces on your fantasy team can make you feel pretty good. Unfortunately, Smoltz was the only one who had a decent outing. Schilling and Webb got blown out and Santana wasn’t up to speed. Hmmmm… You begin to look at other people’s pitching staffs. And get jealous. Maybe Santana wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Maybe Todd Jones is the answer. Schilling and Smoltz are getting pretty old. You start thinking about trading Brian McCann for Ben Sheets. Stop. Slow. Breath.

It’s a long season.

I hate Chris Wheeler: 2007

I didn’t even have enough time to get to a Chris Wheeler inning for the Phillies thanks to work. Thank you, work. I hate Chris Wheeler. He’s best friends with the Phillies front office. He has never played anything resembling professional baseball. Harry Kalas hates his guts. Now they have Larry Anderson doing the play-by-play.

I’ll actually mute a game if Chris Wheeler is on. I’ll turn on the radio and listen to other announcers. I hate him. HATE HIM. I just needed to share this.

Fantasy baseball is addictive

I’ve checked the scores eight times today. Games just started (8:00ish). There is something so satisfying about looking at your computer screen and watching the stats update. An Everyman’s stock market.

Stop congratulating the Yankees on beating the Devil Rays

Does anyone else think this is kind of uneven? “The Yankees looked good on opening day!” Well no shit, they played the Devil Rays. Do Devil Rays fans say, “We looked good on Opening Day. A lot to look forward to.” ? No. They really probably don’t.

In fact, I often wonder about the Tampa Bay fan base. Who are these people? I imagine half of them were really stoked about COPS having a few episodes there. What kind of fan is convinced to like the Devil Rays. “Well, we just moved here and we need some friends.” If a wolf cub isn’t bringing home meat by it’s 9th year, I think they shoot it. Well, not the wolves. The hunters. Who use wolf cubs.

Ok. I’ve fulfilled my obligation.

2 Responses

  1. chris wheeler is terrible. and i can’t believe scott graham left!

    ps your obligations are not fulfilled. drop down and give me 20.

    20 blogs. about baseball as it pertains to contemporary international affairs.

  2. Yeah, I seem to have luckily drafted the two most incredible opening day pitchers….

    Thank you Sheets and Hernandez, please let this last all season.

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