Allswingsconsidered 2.0: Appendium

Just how weighty are our ASC blogging promises? See last post: AllSwingsConsidered 2.0

Let me use one of baseball’s seminal texts as an analogy. Much like the narrator in Dante Aligheri’s 14th century epic poem, “The Divine Comedy,” the baseball fan is be-wildered, lost and alone as he enters Hell until he receives the aid of that perennial blogger, Virgil. Thanks to Virgil’s guidance, the narrator is able to survive and pass safely through Hell, which includes all three classes of A-baseball. He sees steroid-users writhing in perpetual fires that stink of sulfur. He hears cries of lamentation from those “wrongfully-accused” souls formerly protected by the Ugueth Urbina Liberation Front as they decompose in over-packed jail-cells made from human bones. Virgil leads him through a gallery of wife-beaters, drug-abusers, perjurers, racists, and players who made a crucial error to cost their team the World Series. And like Virgil, ASC promises that our readers will come out clean on the other side. The informed side. Christian Heaven.

Now, I have never read Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” but Amazon does a pretty good job of blurbing it so the analogy stands.

And this is what we promise our readers; plucky baseball perspectives and total immersion into the Godhead.



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