Baseball, brought to you by Baseball

Since we watch our baseball on TV, opting out on radio because of its grainy visuals, we inevitably are presented with baseball commercials. Some of these commercials promote a team and others merely opt in baseball players and conventions to push some good ol’ $’s. Below are some of both, just five, which I found on YouTube during a Phillies spring-training game.

Check them out:

Rating scale used: 10 = Sportscenter Quality commercial; 1 = Chris Wheeler combines forces with Tim McCarver to cover the Puppy Bowl (featuring Harry Kalas!)

1. Simple, Elegant, and involves none of the Mets: 8 out of 10.
Goal: Please watch the Mets.
Message: Watch the Mets or risk death by T-shirt.

2. Tommy Lasorda is the man to talk to the ladies: 6 out of 10.
Goal: Watch the post-season even though the Red Sox are entering their next 86 year drought.
Message: Tommy Lasorda knows how to cheer up women eighty years younger than him.
Lie: There will never be this many women in a room who like baseball.

3. Jeff Francouer brings baseball and Delta advertising to the Danes. Music by DeBeers: 6 out of 10.
Goal: Fly delta. Bring autographed baseballs to Denmark.
Message: Like democracy, people all over the world yearn for baseball.

4. Giants parents find something hidden in boy’s dresser: 4 out of 10.
Goal: To make you feel ashamed about liking the Dodgers.
Message: The Dodgers are comparable to porn.
Question: What is with the really creepy Bonds-bot at the end? I really have no idea.

5. 1977 Aqua Velva commercial featuring Pete Rose. I am assuming that the 1 second of lawn mower at the end has nothing to do with commercial. Rating scale inappropriate.
Goal: To tell baseball fans how to get girlfriends.
Message: A real man doesn’t look at women when they talk.
Historical Message: Real men cannot get into the Hall of Fame.

That’s it for now. And until next time, fly Delta, use Aqua Velva, go see the Mets, stay away from the Dodgers, and listen to Tommy Lasorda.

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  1. Oh, how I wished a BP pitch came in as Rose was walking towards the camera…nut-level.

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