NL East Shaken Up: Part IV – Philadelphia Phillies

The Good:

As with the Mets, there is a lot on this team that is positive. Their 1-2-3-4 rivals the best in the league with Jimmy Rollins (.277, 36 SB, 25HR’s, 83 RBI), Shane Victorino (.287 BA, .346 OBP), Chase Utley (.309/.379/.527, 32 HR’s, 102 RBI, gorgeous), and reigning MVP Ryan Howard (.313/.425/.659, 58 HR’s, 149 RBI, Lennie hands). Their starting pitching had been significantly solidified this offseason, with the Phils acquiring Freddy Garcia from the White Sox for 1st rounder Gavin Floyd and prospect Gio Gonzalez, reupping Brett Myers for the next three years, resigning the real life Eddie Harris from Major League (Jamie Moyer) for the next two, and signing former Ranger and solid back end starter Adam Eaton. When healthy Tom Gordon proved he still has his stuff. Antonio Alfonseca or “El Pulpo” to you spanish folk, was signed to help bolster the bullpen with his 24 digits.

The Bad:

There are a host of questions that still sit with this team, most pressingly their bullpen. At the trade deadline last year the Phillies unloaded a large chunk of their then fairly successful bullpen, hoping to acquire assets for the rebuilding stage. What they weren’t counting on was the incredible late season surge, which ultimately was sabotaged by the lack of a bullpen. There is no defined setup man, and Tom Gordon isn’t getting any younger. Then there is Pat the Bat. Pat Burrell feels like the guy in an old company in which everybody got fired, but is still that one guy hanging around–his lack of the clutch hit adds no protection for Ryan Howard and has resulted in the Phils trying to unload him for quite some time (Burrell actually refused a trade to the Orioles last year at the trade deadline, citing he only wanted to be traded to the Yankees or Red Sox. Pardon me while I slit my wrists).

The Bottom Line:

“We’re the team to beat this year,” said Jimmy Rollins, and I have to agree with him. For the first time in many years the Phillies are the team to beat, and have the ability to fill their needs with some expendable assets in starter Cathy Bates (seriously, compare and contrast), and CF Aaron Rowand (A Scott Linebrink for Aaron Rowand trade is rumored to be ready to go). As long as the Phillies stay healthy they SHOULD win the NL East. But it’ll be close.

Prediction: 1st, 93-69

5 Responses

  1. I enjoy your predictions. I dont always agree, but thats expected. I’m trying to start a baseball message board for this season and would love for you to contribute. Check it out at . There’s not much on it now but I’m trying to get some more people interested and get it rolling.

  2. regardless you must agree that jon lieber looks like Cathy Bates…theres no real debate there

  3. haha no argument there

  4. please tell me why, i’m feeling . Hale Mauricio.

  5. damn all these beautiful gir. Jumana Fanni.

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